If you are one of those who don’t know and don’t WANNA know anything about how blockchain technology works, how to deal with your bitcoins, where to store them, etc., but you still wanna grow your business giving your customers the opportunity to spend their cryptos with you – completely hassle-free?

Then FORUMPAY is definitely for you!

Whether you have an online or a physical business, they enable #cryptocurrency payments in several modes so you can pick, and they charge just 1 low, fixed fee with no other hidden charges!

It’s suitable for For Gaming, travel, Retail, E-commerce… or practically anything.

ForumPay provides the software and platform which empowers consumers to purchase goods and services using their preferred cryptocurrency with their preferred wallet, while seamlessly enabling the merchant to receive payments in their preferred fiat currency in their preferred bank account.

It has never been easier Accepting #cryptocurrency payments at the point of sale too, cause ForumPay has multiple, easy to implement POS solutions!

They offer either complete PointOfSale integrations with many of the most popular software providers in the market today – the best solution if you have a store or a bar – IMO – is a ready-to-go terminal that accepts crypto at the place!

Anyhow, another easy way to start letting your consumers pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice is by using ForumPay mobile app for merchants.

You can find them for both IOS and Android!

If you have a WordPress website – visit their Github for a new WordPress plugin that supports Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento & Drupal.

Consumers pay by simply scanning a QR code from their mobile device.

Now with Forumpay, you can simply use crypto in your daily life in the way you could use credit/debit cards, cash or even checks.

The company is rocking fast these days – expanding client base and making lots of new partnerships!

It is always a good idea to become an early adopter and open up your business for cryptocurrency!

I’m personally implementing their online gateway solution now on one of my websites, and their support is really attentive and helpful!

So guys, Absolutely recommended, aaaaand if you want even  lower transaction fees at ForumPay! – – Use the link below to get a better deal with them!

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