If you are planning to accept Bitcoin in your business, you may consider using BitPay!

An online cryptocurrency wallet company and payment gateway with a powerful API, plugins for 22 e-commerce solutions, and instant integration into the world’s best e-commerce web services.

BitPay launched first in 2011 as Copay, the primary “development head”, now works as the wallet only, supporting multi-user and multi-signature accounts.

The BitPay wallet gives owners access to store, send or receive Bitcoin.

They used to accept ONLY BITCOIN and BITCOIN CASH, but now it seems they added Ethereum, Dogecoin, Wrapped Bitcoin and some US-pegged stable coins like Gemini Dollar and Paxos.

BitPay is open source.

The wallet is quite secure, has a clear UI and is available as both a desktop and mobile app.

Their Chrome version also permits integration with hardware wallets.

The BitPay Card is a prepaid Mastercard or Visa debit card that enables users to instantly convert cryptocurrency into fiat money.

Check it out! It’s still one of the top solutions on the market for accepting and managing your crypto!

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