If you have to ask – How to buy/trade/accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies??

The most common answer that you’ll see anywhere online or hear from people will probably be COINBASE – cause it’s the most mainstream one!

Founded in early 2012, now the largest and the most successful cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume.

This April 2021, Coinbase went public on the Nasdaq exchange via a direct listing with the very memorable ticker symbol – COIN.

They disclosed a lifetime revenue of 3,5 billion in SEC filing. It was also announced that the Coinbase platform hosts assets totalling up to $223 billion.

A huge historical event – Coinbase set a direct listing price of $250 a share, which grew fast to over 400$, valuing the company at least $65 billion, which soon turned into 85 billion, and now growing up to OVER a 100 billion worth!!

There are many opinions that it should actually be worth much less than that – only about 20% of these 100 billion!

I would really like to know your opinion here – how much do YOU  think it’s actually worth? Comment under this Youtube video!

The con of Coinbase is that it works more like a bank, where you must prove a lot of personal information, and a User does not control wallet keys – that’s why it’s generally not so beloved by crypto-anarchists and cypherpunks…

It has relatively high fees in comparison to other exchanges when you use a regular one instead of  Coinbase Pro, and it may have a slightly smaller choice of altcoins…

For the Pros – they are so mainstream because they are EASY and FAST!

They take security very seriously and have multiple steps to ensure the legitimacy of transactions.

And they have a great marketing strategy!! Soooo many airdrop campaigns and giveaways they had in the beginning! Thousands of people made a fortune by just registering with Coinbase! Well – that’s not happening anymore tho! XD

Sooo you can accept any digital currency payments in your business with Coinbase Commerce that is indeed one of the easiest and safest ways on the market!

It works like the Stripe Payments API but for crypto.

Shortly – if you just want to use what everybody else uses and that makes you feel more calm and safe – no doubts go for it!!

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