Another all-in-one solution for accepting crypto payments, exchange of currencies, storage, and so on.

Coin gate is Bitcoin Payment Processor and online cryptocurrency platform that provides MERCHANT services. Founded in 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

They allow businesses to accept Bitcoin and over 50 other “altcoins” like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple as payment for their products via both online and traditional point of sale options. You can also trade.

CoinGate boosts its eCommerce capabilities for merchants by offering embeddable plugins, point of sale systems, and payment buttons to streamline payment processing.

If you are a legit business with all bureaucracy in order, if you have all proper registrations and licenses, all the personal data of your executive team – then go for it!

These guys have decent support, intuitive UI, Merchants pay 1% fee per transaction. Setup is free.


If you want to accept crypto as an individual, freelancer, or startup in a more private manner –  maybe it’s not for you – the KYC is crazy, AML regulations are super strict, and if your account remains not verified, and you wanna withdrawal your funds, …you might not be able to do that so easily😬 – so be careful to get 100% verified before moving any money around CoinGate! Just saying, cause I’ve seen some complaints online on this matter…

They also have limits: one can’t spend less than $50 and more than $20,000 at once on CoinGate!

I tried to open a merchant account with them but failed… honestly… 😅 couldn’t complete all the necessary bureaucracy requirements.

They still try their best to do the job well and are used by almost 200.000 accounts so it’s totally worth it to check out!

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