Ryta's Random Work Examples

I relate my life passions and experiences with Design and Creativity in Every Way, and I Love to Help Businesses Grow with a Standout Strategy and Style!

Disclaimer – some projects are real freelance work cases, some are only visual references!

Brand building or Re-Branding

 Jumpstarting any idea through Strategic intelligence together with a unique Branding Identity! Logo and Corporate Identity; Merchandize and Printed Production; Content Design, etc.

Graphic Design Solutions

3D art & animation; Social media & Podcast covers; Headers; Youtube graphics; Digital posters, banners; Presentations; E-Books; Emails, Newsletters; Business cards; Brochures; Stationery & merch; etc.

Web Development, Landing pages

I conceptualize innovative design solutions for each project creating websites that engage, sell, inspire, inform, and motivate!

Content Design, Ads & Campaigns​

Evolve your visual identity in all public communications! I advise on a Marketing & Content Strategy and execute the Design part.

AR Filters for Insta & Facebook

Another promotional opportunity for any type of business! People love playing around with Augmented Reality nowadays!

Interior Decoration & Design

Bringing any idea to Public or Private spaces from concept to reality: conference booths, restaurants/bars, stores, etc.


I’m a creative and multi-focused Graphic Designer with a solid educational foundation in Business and Marketing. 


Web design 80%
UI & UX design 70%
Logo & Brand design 90%
Graphic design 80%
strategic Content design 85%


Social Media growth 85%
advertising & campaigns 75%
Video & Photo editing 90%
mobile & digital marketing 80%
email & automations 65%


Various CMS tools
WordPress, wix, squarespace,... 84%
Social Media Marketing tools
Hootsuite, buffer,... 84%
Image and Design tools
Adobe creative suite, Canva, iMovie... 90%
Productivity tools
evernote, trello, asana,... 85%
Presentation tools
PP, Keynote, Google products... 85%
SEO tools
Semrush, gsc, yoast, rankMath.. 85%
Email tools & CRM
mailchimp, mautic, hubspot,... 75%
Augmented Reality tools
Spark AR, Adobe Aero,... 90%


creative problem solving 75%
go-to-market strategy 80%
project management 70%
consultancy 85%
lead nurturing 60%
market research 65%


Russian 100%
ukrainian 100%
English 90%
Spanish 75%
Catalan 45%
Italian 35%

SM expertise

instagram 95%
facebook 90%
twitter 75%
pinterest 85%
youtube, tiktok 70%
medium, reddit,... 60%


Fast Learning & Adaptability 95%
Critical & Creative Thinking 95%
Open-Mindness 100%
interpersonal skills 85%
understanding crypto 80%
entrepreneurial spirit 95%

... and more !